Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Jim's Awoo

Jim's awoo for...

*much attempting to count on paws of Bears*

...for a while. We want to have a big party at his place for all the Bear allies. Only, last time we had a party when he was awoo, we kinda lost track of when he was coming back, and then in the last minute rush befoo he showed up, didn't quite get everything back where it belonged, and didn't quite hide the evidence we had had a party. So this time, we want to figoo out our game plan befoo the allies start arriving.

- No matter how much we might like to offoo our guests the option to sit in the shower, the love seat shouldn't be in the bathtub when Jim returns.

- Caaaandy pie is tasty, but makes for smudgey Bear and Bear-ally paws. If you're going to eat caaaandy pie, don't try on Jim's clothes befoo washing oop.

- Apparentloo, 'Merican Spress sends Jim some sort of record of what we charge to it every month. Therefore, rememboo to hide Jim's mail before he gets back.

- Watching kitties claw things is funny, unless it's a Bear, or one of Jim's corporoo suits. Well, it's still funny when it's Jim's suit at first, but then he gets home and actually it's funny for a little bit longoo even then, but eventually the 'Merican Spress Card gets hidden and we Bears get scolded and it's not so much fun.

- Rememboo to buy a new sheets after eating crackers on the bed.

- Throwing things out the window is only fun until you run out of places to sit.

Anythoo else we should rememboo?

OK Bye

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Blogger ickUl said...

I should add what, if you does have the loosoo in the showoo at any poo, you should make sure eet dry off befoo Mr. Jim come home.

Ooso, whaaay anybody wants to sit in the showoo? Gets oo yoos grub washed off!

11:02 AM  

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