Sunday, July 08, 2007

More Messings About

This is Chuck the Cat. My friends and allies the Bears are letting me use their blog, as most sinister goings-on are underway.

As some of you might know, my brother Spike the Spawnkitty reported recently on messings about. Well, the very next morning after he went public, he and Leone were disappeared. I still don't know what's become of them. And now, I'm on the lam with Jenn, Jim and the Bears. I fear for our safety.

Three days ago, two men with a big truck showed up. I could see them through the window. One was eating a candy bar while he stood beside the truck. Not knowing what was to come, I decided they didn't seem very interesting, so I went down in the basement with Jim to spend the morning playing with my new favorite toy--two strings. Jim made it for me from two strings. There was much banging around upstairs, which sometimes distracted me from my game. About Noon Jenn came down, and the three of us went upstairs.

And you're not going to believe what I found. Everything was gone. Everything. There was nothing there. Nothing. Everything was gone. Everything.

I know. I couldn't believe it.

What happened to all our things? Did this have something to do with Spike speaking out? And what of the strange truck, and the Candy-Bar-Eating Man?

Well, Jenn and Jim were obviously afraid, because they quickly vacuumed up all the cat hair so there would be nothing to use to track me, and then Jenn, Jim, the Bears and I all loaded in the car and headed out. I was so scared I cried for the first two hours of the trip.

For safety sake, I don't think I should tell you where we are now. Also, I don't know. But Jenn, Jim, the Bears and I are sharing a room in the basement. And Jenn's Mom and Dad are staying upstairs. And there are other kitties about--I hear them and smell them through the door. And one time, I even came face to face with one of the kitties. I hear them being called by name--Hazel, Loki, Zak. Could this be the same Loki and Zak that used to live with Julia and Jason? Maybe this is some safe house for kitties on the lam. The only hints I have to what's going on are the memory of the Candy-Bar-Eating Man, and Jenn and Jim's persistent cries of, "I wish the damn mover would hurry up and schedule a delivery date."

Hopefully, I can avoid being disappeared. And find out what happened to Spike the Spawnkitty and Leone.

Yours on the run,

4 people left us caaaandy:

Blogger liz said...

Hmmm...odd occurances indeed.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Lolly said...

Hang in there, Chuck. Jenn and Jim will get you to a new safe place.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Manuel said...

Is a kitty undergroo railroo! Good luck luck to yoo oo in escapin.

11:01 AM  
Blogger jenn said...

I will report that Chuck is safely in his new perminoo residoots as of yesterday.

He thinks it is okay, but wasn't keen on the final car-ride.

1:17 PM  

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