Monday, January 22, 2007

Bears Paw Wedding Vase

Allisoo and her husband Grant gave Jenn and Jim a beautifoo wedding gift--a Native American wedding vase used by the indigenoo people of the Southwest and Southeast.

*much oooohhhhing and aaaahhhhing of Bears*

The vase is made by the 's parents. The groom, his parents and all their relatives go with the vase to the bride's house. The parents of both the groom and the bride give the young couple advice. The vase is filled with water or herbal tea. First, the couple drinks from one side, and then from the other side. Then, they drink from both sides at the same time. If they can drink from the vase at the same time without spilling a drop, "good understanding and a cooperative spirit will always be part of their marriage." (Jenn and Jim are still in training for that.)

Best of all, the vase is decorated with Bears Paws. The sheet that came with it says, "The bear if the protector and symbolizes physical strength and leadership. The paw is a symbol of direction and power."

*much agreemoo of Bears*

Jenn and Jim told us to say that they send their deepest thanks and appreciation to Allisoo and Grant!

OK Bye

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Blogger Leone said...

It is a very boootiful vase! Bears are so wise.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

That's fantastic!

The explanation makes me wonder about the origin of the whole linking arms to drink champagne tradition.

12:37 PM  
Blogger allison said...

Hi Bears,

I am glad that you and Jenn and Jim all like the wedding vase. I was so happy to find such a beautiful one with bear paws on it. You might be interested to know that the lines on the vase are made during the firing process. Horsehair is thrown on the pots in random patterns which burns and leaves a carbon shadow on the pot surface. But don't worry, no horses are harmed during the process. :-)

8:54 PM  
Blogger Spike said...

You should put tuna water in it. That will bring even more good luck. And then give it to me. Years of good luck.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Dorothy said...

Good post.

4:20 AM  

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