Friday, October 08, 2004

The Language of Bears and Rafs

OK, I thought I'd talk today a little about the language of Bears, and how it relates to Raf. As Raf is the Lingoo Raf of the Look Look world, no Look Look language can affoo to ignoo the inflooence of Raf.

Now, first, what does it mean to be a Bear? Well, in human, they talk about "stuffed animals." Both Bears and Rafs dislike that phrase, as "stuffed animals" is conqueror's terminology, from the Yellow Slave Trade (Yelloo Sloo Troo). Rafs refer to what humans call "stuffed animals" as Look Looks. And Bears refer to what humans call "stuffed animals" as Bears.

So, some Bears are rottweiler puppies like Spike, and some Bears are dogs like Ollie, and some Bears are rabbits like Daphne Rose, and some Bears are Costa Rican poison dart frogs like Papito, and some Bears are pigs like Rose, and some Bears are tigers like Maximillian Grrrr, and some Bears are snails like Essie, and some Bears are Bears, like Stompy and Blinky and Calliope and Liam and myself.

And then there are flesh-n-blood bears, like polar bears and black bears and brown bears, who are bears, but aren't Bears.

And then there are humans, who aren't Bears, but look cute like Bears. Like BostonWillowFan. He's cute like a Bear--we like him.

Now, Bears did not always add "oo" sounds to their words, but they've been moved by the bootifoo languoo of the Rafs, with their long hauntoo oo's. So what linguists refer to as a vowoo shoo has occurred.

Bears do have words of their own, like gaw for water, and bubbly gaw for sparkling water, but they tend not to use those words publicaloo becoo Bear is not widely spooken. If Raf is English, Bear is like Danish--we speak it at home, but we don't really expect anyone else to understoo.

Bears are finding that some things are universal, like love of caaaandy and love of finding Jim's 'Merican 'Spress card to buy things like caaaandy with, so those useages are becoming more widespread.

OK Bye
Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky

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Blogger Jenn said...

Yes, I agree. BWF is much like a Bear because of his amazing animation while speaking. Good call.


12:03 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

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1:57 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Hmm, note to self: no editing function on comments.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

I would like to learn more about the language of the Bears! It is appropriate that Noel Chompsky wrote this, as well. His namesake is a linguist (I think!).

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh, now I feel all privileged, being linked to the Bears page.

I'm a big bear fan, and have one friend bear and two Graduation bears on my bookcase, plus Ted bear who is marginally older than me, as the kids Mum taught pre-having me bought him for me.

Bear hugs seem appropriate here

Dainty bear (Callie)

3:15 PM  
Blogger Manuel said...

We rafs don't mind "stuffed animoo" so much, an we sometimes even use it to splain to yumans so's they understands, but we does think it part of the oroo (not yellow - unless yellow for Bears) sloo troo. What we really doesn't like is "soft toys". Booooo!

6:54 PM  
Blogger The Bears said...

Hello to everyone. Thanks for your comments.

And welcome, Dainty Bear.

*much waving of paws and bouncing up and down of Bears*

And yes, Simoo, my namesake was a linguist. Or it was a flesh-n-blood chimp, named Nim Chimpsky, who they tried to teach human language to. I can never remember which came first: Noam Chomsky or Nim Chimpsky.

And thanks for the clarification on the Oroo Slave Trade, Manuel. Bears are diverse colors, so we think we might as well use the raf phrase and go with oroo. But Stompy is kinda yellow, so he tends to call it yellow slave troo. So if we sometimes use that, it isn't a mistake. It's a mosaic.

However, we were sure the rafs told us once that they didn't like to be called "stuffed animoos." Because we didn't use to mind, and then the rafs raised our look look consciosness and we thought we stopped using "stuffed animoo" in solidaritoo with the rafs. But it is also possible we got confused. Sometimes we get confused translatoo between Raf and Bear and Human.

OK Bye
Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky

8:11 PM  
Blogger Manuel said...

Ooh, noch we doesn't much like eet, an teaches oo look look allies to say look look, but we has use eet sometimes to splainy what we is. Just cos yuman Engleesh not have more nice term. But we NEVER, EVER, uses "soft toys".

8:58 AM  
Blogger AdventureGirl said...

some Bears are Costa Rican poison dart frogs like Papito[gasp] How did I not know this with me being The Original Costa-Rican AdventureGirl?! I adore poison dart frogs ..I used to watch them frollick in the rain forest and also in the cloud forest. There's a difference, you know.


4:28 PM  
Blogger The Bears said...

Hi suki!

*much waving of Bears*

Yes, Jim went hiking in the Rain Forests of Costa Rica, and saw the poison dart frogs in their naturoo habitoo. And he met Papito there, and brought him back to live with us. And he also brought back a colorful Costa Rican oxcart, so Papito would have something of home. A lot of us like to hang out in the ox cart, and sometimes Jim gives us rides in it.

Oh, Papito wants to say something.

Papito: Hola Signorita suki. Que pensaste de mi pais?

Yeah, that was in Spanish.

OK Bye

6:32 PM  

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