Monday, January 31, 2005

We Got Mail

Spike the Cat wrote us from Canadia!

He has had lots of exciting adventoos, like going OUTSIDE! and eating a fly. He also had an epiphanoo (though his pet tried to tell him he didn't know what an epiphanoo was--silly pet).

But we don't understand the mail. Manuel Mootoya didn't get out mail when we addressed it directoo to him. We had to resend it addressed to The Grrr's real name. But Spike the Cat addressed his letter to "The Bears" and we got it.

It was funny when Jim came in with the mail. He looked at the emelope and yelled, "Spike the Cat!" And Sargeant Mauja covered his head with his paws. Jim had to 'splain it was a letter, not the cat himsoo.

In sum, we love our letter.

OK Bye
Spike the Bear

4 people left us caaaandy:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Bears, you got post! I's very jealous!!

Love and hugs, Dainty Bear

4:56 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

You lucky guys!

And, yes, the mail is weird. I got a letter from Pat a while back and it was all burned and strange...

5:46 PM  
Blogger The Bears said...

Run, Spike the Cat, Run!

Jenn is on the phone with Spike the Cat's pet, and Spike the Cat just made another run for it. He's out of his apartment and into the upstairs apartment!

*much clapping of paws and bouncing up and down of Bears*

9:28 PM  
Blogger Leone said...

Yes Bears, Spike was so excited about his TWO escapades last night he tried to write you a letter about it but he ended up having to bite the paper (along with some of my notes) so he'll try again once he has calmed down. Due to the dog-who-eats-cat-poo who shall go unnamed, there is a new obstacle in my attempts at going inbetween the two sections of the house without Riley (he-who-is-so-big-and squishy) or Spike(he-who-bites-without-judgement) getting into each other's place. However last night as you know, twice did Spike get into the tenants place, underneath the stairs to be more precise. There was much sniffing and wide eyes to be sure, however he didn't get to explore outside of that. Mostly cause the dog-who-mauls-cat-in-a-friendly-sor-of-way was out during the second run. So Spike was returned safetly to his own place and has a weeks worth of tales now.
I'll pass on your congratulations, I'm sure he'll love it.

5:39 PM  

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