Sunday, September 18, 2005

Look Look Walkaboo

Since Spike is currently on his Walkaboo, we thought it might be a good time to talk about that great tradition. At some point in his or her life, all Bears go on a Walkaboo! It is a rite of passoo.

Stompy did his Walkaboo on the mean stroo of Moo York City. Blinky went on Walkaboo up the Hudson Rivoo, and stayed with Jim's Moom and Dood. Papito went on a great Walkaboo to travel from Costa Rica to live with us in Manhattoo. Sargeant Mauja also had an international Walkaboo to travel from Canadia to come to Moo York. And now Spike has travelled to the North of Canadia to see the land of super-animoo kitties and the Arooroo Booroo-ooloos.

My great Walkaboo has been a Walkaboo of the mind, across the great landscapes of literatoo and science. (Also, Jim hasn't taken me much of anywhere yet. *much raising of eyebrow of Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky*)

So we'd like to invoote all the humoos and rafs and kitties and other Bears and Bear Allies out there to tell us aboo your great Walkaboo.

OK Bye
Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky

Note: "Look look" is raf for stuffed animoo, but see The Language of Bears and Rafs for more details.

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Blogger Gilliam said...


At first we thought what you means walkaboo like when the Squeege fell out o the trolloo at Morrissoo's soopermarkoo, then got put in the lost an foo as a 'doll'. Him were only missin for like five minoo befoo them rescoo him, but him were quite traumatoo. Or like when him sat on top o the bay windoo oo night becoo the Flon an the Grr foogot where them put him, an then them paneec until them find him.

None o us broos has gone foo that kind o walkaboo, becoo the Grr have becoo much moo sensiboo since then.

We has done othoo kind o walkaboo, though. ickUl am the most well-travoo, has gone to Hungaroo an Roomanioo an Bosnioo an Italoo as well as Engloo an the MooSA. I has gone aroo Engloo an Texoos, has been on a bacheloroo partoo in Dalloos! Were the life an soo! Ooso has gone on spirituoo journoo o bein confoose.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Squeegee said...

Hewo! I haven't caahmentted ahn yahr bwahg before, but Giwwiam thaid he wote about me. I've awtho gahn ahn Walkabout in the micwowave and the fwidge, but being cawwed a 'doll' in Mahwithon'th wath the woitht.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Spike said...

Hello Noel, it's me, Spike the cat, and my walkaboo was very long in length and time. I first left my barn home and took a long car ride with the 'ones who garden' through very hilly dry area. Then I lived in a very nice house with another cat that was a very, very large version of myself. She wasn't very nice. There were two humoos I lived with then. I got to eat knitting when I was there. Then I took a car ride with Corlee-Corlee and Chuck. I slept through most of that. Chuck and I didn't talk because I was in a kitty cage (working to ban those) and he was in a hamster cage (hee... stupid hamster). For a few days I lived in a cave under the ground! Then I loved to a place with lots of carpet to eat and lived with my pet, but I was lonely for other cats. Sometimes I would bite a big cat named Riley, but he never fought back, he would just keep on doing whatever he was doing. Then we moved to a bigggggg house with more humoos and more cats and even a Bear! First there was a very unpleasant cat but she moved away. I still have my original pet, and she brought my bed so that was good. I share my bed with Chuck, and Spike the Bear slept with us once. My Walkaboo is a continous rite of passoo I guess. Vulcan Spawnkittties do that.

4:21 PM  

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