Saturday, September 03, 2005

Proo Goo Goo Proo Paroo Todoo!!!

Jenn, Jim and Spike the Cat's Pet Leone went down to see Coroo in the Proo Goo Goo Proo Paroo (Prince George Gay Pride Parade) this morning. They got Goo Proo banners to wave and a nice woman was giving out loolloopop caaaandy! All us Bears support Goo Proo in Proo Goo, and everywhoo.

Also, Leone is teaching me how to knit. I hold the yarn for her while we watch TV and make things.

OK Soolidaritoo

1 people left us caaaandy:

Blogger Manuel said...

BeeGooBloos in solidaritoo! BeeGooBloo Proooooo!

1:43 AM  

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