Sunday, April 01, 2007

The 5 Things Meme - The Bears Respond

Congratulations! The Bears are happy to announce that everyone who responded got every answer right!

*much bouncing up and down and clapping of paws of Bears*

Yes, we know that not everyone gave the same answers. But we believe more than one answer can be right. Also, the Bears don't do the whole grades thing.

*much shaking of heads of Bears*

And if anyone wants to know how we Bears would answer:

1. The Bears learned a naughty word from watching "Deadwood."

The Bears posted about it in Cocksuckoo.

2. Stompy's story was told on "Bearography."

Here is Stompy's story on Bearography.

3. The Bears took Jim to court in the OJ Caaaandy trial.

The story unfolds in
The Bears pursue the great 'Merican activity,
Day One of the OJ Caaaandy Trial,
Day Two of the OJ Caaaandy Trial,
Day Three of the OJ Caaaandy Trial,
Day Four of the OJ Caaaandy Trial and
Day Five of the OJ Caaaandy Trial.

4. Jim taught the Bears and kitties to do lots of tricks by using clickoo training.

Jim tried to teach the Bears and kitties tricks using clickoo training. And the kitties did indeed eat the treats. But we wouldn't say Jim taught any tricks.

The Bears tell all aboo Jim's attempts at clickoo training in
Clickoo Training, Part I: Don't Click at Bears and
Clickoo Training, Part II: Kitties 2, Jim 0.

5. The Bears put on an episode of "Whose Bear Is It Anyway?"

The Bears posted about it in Whose Bear Is It Anyway?.

OK Bye

1 people left us caaaandy:

Blogger Jenn said...

Ah yes, the clickoo training was most awesome. Well, for all those who were not Jim, that is...

3:35 PM  

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