Thursday, September 28, 2006

There's a New Bear in Town

You remember how we told you in our post on our Canadian Rockies Walkaboo that we had a surprise?

Well, Jim got talking to a lovely Bear named Robson, who had been living in a gift shop with a number of Bears. Jim and Robson struck up quite a friendship, so Jim asked Robson if he'd like to come live with us. Robson said yes, and he came home with Jenn, Jim, Papito and me (Spike the Bear)!

*much bouncing up and down and waving of hello of Bears*


Robson with Spike the Spawnkitty

Robson with Chuck

Robson with Spike the Bear and Papito

Chuck - becoo he asked us to include this pictoo of him

Please all join me in welcoming Robson to the Bear familoo!

OK Bye

Monday, September 25, 2006

Canadian Rockies Walkaboo

Papito and I (Spike the Bear) were talking Saturday morning.

Spike: Wanna go walkaboo?
Papito: Si, Signor Spike.
Spike: Jasper and Mount Robson?
Papito: Si. Que bueno.

So we got Jenn and Jim's lazy bums off the sofa, loaded up the car, and off we went.

Papito and I wore our seatbelts, so Allisoo wouldn't worry aboo us.

We drove towards the cloud-covered Rockies.

We stopped for pie in McBride.

As we came out from under the cloud cover, we saw Mount Robson ahead of us.

We found a nice place to stay right near the base of Mount Robson--Mount Robson Lodge--where we got a cabin.

Then we headed on to dinner in Jasper. Jasper is in Alberta.

We saw elk tracks in the sand.

And then we saw elk--a Mom and her baby.

By the time we got back to the cabin, Papito fell fast asleep.

The next morning, Papito got to play in a habitoo not at all naturoo for a Costa Rican Poison Dart Frog.

Jenn and Jim went on a 9 mile hike around the base of Mount Robson, to the north tip of Kinney Lake.

And on our ride home we got to see our flesh-n-blood broo!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

Jim held us up to the car window so we could see, while Jenn yelled, "Keep your window rolled up! Keep your window rolled up." It was great fun for all of us.

And as a fitting end for our trip, we drove under a dramatoo sky.

Papito and I had a great time on our Canadian Rockies Walkaboo with Jenn and Jim. And, in our next post, we have one more surprise from the trip to tell you aboo.

OK Bye

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

British Columbia Walkaboo

In August, Daphne Rose and I (Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky) went walkaboo with Jenn and Jim. We had a seven hour drive, and then all spent a week at Jenn's paroonts, where Jenn and Jim had their Wedding Reception.

Here Daphne Rose and I are on the trip down, on the wooden bridge at 108 Mile Ranch. Daphne Rose is wearing her Riding Bonnet, which Leone knitted for her.

The first few days at Jenn's paroonts we prepared food, cleaned, shopped--it was a flurroo of activitoo. Then on Wednesday, lots of people came over to celebroo Jenn and Jim's Wedding Reception.

They had a yummy cake.

And got lots of prezzies.

Daphne Rose and I enjoyed the festivities. Here I am telling the guests a story. Daphne Rose is wearing her Party Bonnet, which Leone knitted for her.

The next day, Jenn and Jim visited the Gray Monk Winery. (Which Jim kept calling the Monastery.) They went on a tour, did a tasting, and then had lunch on the patio overlooking Lake Okanagan.

We had a great time at Jenn's paroonts, and everyone agreed it was a wonderful reception. But eventually, we had to return home. Daphne Rose and I sat in the backseat on the drive back. Daphne Rose is wearing her Journey Home Bonnet, which Leone knitted for her.

On the way back, Jim tried to get a beaver shot.

Why is everyone laughing?

As you can see, Jim missed the beaver shot.

Why does everyone keep laughing?

There's a statue of a beaver holding a beer, and Jim tried to get a photo of it while we drove by. I fail to see what's so funny about a missed beaver shot.

Stop laughing!


Anyway, Jim did get a pictoo of Castle Cariboo, which you can see is spelled properly: CaribOO!

And so Daphne Rose and I returned home safe, and the two of us and Jenn and Jim had a great reunion with Leone, the kitties and all the Bears.

OK Bye
Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky