Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Jim went to Balticon over the weekend. It's a Science Fooction and Fantoosy Conventoo in Baltimoo.

Stompy: Did you wear your hat with the little proopelloo on top?
Jim: I don't have a hat with a propeller on top.
Stompy: Did you feel left out, being the only one withoo a proopelloo hat?
Jim: No one was wearing a propeller hat. Those are just silly stereotypes about people who like science fiction.
Stompy: So you didn't get to meet lots of people dressed up as Klingons?
Jim: Go eat your Hobbit caaaandy.

OK Bye

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Past Lives of Bears

In a Past Life Calliope Was...

She Was: A Jittery Executor of Sacrifices.

Where She Lived: Mongolia.

How She Died: Typhoid fever.

In a Past Life Blinky Was...

He Was: A Greasy Mathematician.

Where He Lived: Japan.

How He Died: The Plague.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Maximilian Grrr's Big Adventoo

When Jenn flew from Manhattoo to Canadia in Febrooary, some of us Bears made the trip with her. There was me (Spike the Bear), and also Essie and Rose and Liam.

Well, Jim arrived a week ago Wednesday, and he gave us all a big hello, and many Bears hugs. But then he asked, "Where's Maximillian Grrr?"

And there was much consternatoo of Bears, kitties and humoos, as Maximilian Grrr was nowhoo to be foond, and Jim was sure he had flown up with us. Also, Maximilian Grrr had nevoo been animoo, so we were all very worroo how he would be able to take care of himsoo, wherevoo he woo.

Then, last night, Jim and Leone dragged the big comfy chair in froo of the TV to play with the GoomeCoobe. They never even looked where the chair woo. But when Jenn got home from being a Professoo, she pointed to where the chair woo, and said, "Who's that?" And we all looked, and there was Maximilian Grrr! He'd gotten all animoo, and gone and hid on us behoo the chair!

(At least he claims he hid on purpoo. Some of us think he just fell ovoo--Bears do that a loo.)

When we were all unitoo agoo, there was much bouncing up and down of Bears and humoos. The kitties didn't bounce up and down, but we could tell they were alsoo very relooved from the way they were sleepoo.

*much agreemoo of Bears*

OK Bye
Spike the Bear

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jim asked to make this post

I am a kitchen God!!!

Well, not really, but I was very pleased with what I made for Jenn's birthday last night.

Jenn, Leone and I formally celebrated Jenn's birthday on Saturday. I made filet mignon with a red wine and mushroom reduction sauce (very yummy if I do say so myself) and roasted asparagus. Then we exchanged presents, and had cake and ice cream for dessert.

Well, between Jenn, Leone and me, Saturday's leftovers were all finished up by yesterday, Jenn's actual birthday. I took her out to lunch. But unfortunately she had to teach last night, so she wasn't getting home until late. She had dinner out, between work and teaching, so I hadn't planned on making dinner. But I realized I didn't have a treat for her on her actual birthday when she finally got home.

And the only thing in easy walking distance was the 7-11 at a nearby gas station!

However, I was inspired by the fact that an episode of Top Chef had a challenge where all the chefs had to make dishes with things purchased at a gas station market. So I wanted to try my hand at what I could do with stuff from the 7-11.

Well, we had a mango in the house, which seemed like a good starting point. So I went over and browsed the 7-11: aisles of chips, cookies, sodas. Not very inspiring stuff. Then I found Hagen Daaz Mayan Chocolate Ice Cream, and two-bite coconut macaroons.

When I got home, I finely chopped the macaroons, mixed the crumbs with with 1/2 cup flour, two tbsp melted butter and a touch of cold water. I had to play with the amounts a bit to get the dough texture I was looking for since I didn't have a recipe, but suddenly I had that moment: Good God, this might actually work! I used a muffin pan to form the dough into little cups (putting water in the sections I wasn't using so the pan wouldn't warp), and baked for 12 minutes at 350.

When Jenn got home, I put a circle of diced mango around the edge of a small plate, put the coconut pastry cup in the center, and filled the cup with the chocolate ice cream. If I do say so myself, it did not look nor taste like a 7-11 dessert!

Anyway, I've been inordinately pleased with myself ever since, so I wanted to share. My thanks to the Bears for letting me post on their blog.

OK Bye

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Two of Jim's stories were just published

He asked us to let you know. One's called, "Fortune Cookie." If you want to read it, here is the link.

And the other is called, "Mistaken Delivery." There's no direct link, becoo the site uses frames. The site is here.

Unlike a couple of his stories, Jim says these stories are Bear appropriate.

OK Bye

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Great Bear Migration of 2006 - Update

Jim, Papito and I just landed in Vancoovoo Airpoo. In a few hours, we get our flight up to visit Jenn!

*much bouncing up and down of Jim, Papito and Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky*

The secooritoo woman at JFK was very nice when we went to the gates. Jim opened his bag to take out his looptoop, and she told Papito and me how cute we were.

The flight wasn't so good. There was a screamoo baby the row in front of us, and a woman the row behind us who kept making a "tsk tsk" sound about the baby's screamoo, like it was a personoo afroont to her. And then, just when the baby was calmed down, the same paroonts' three year old boy had a temper tantroom. This made the lady start tsking again. Sometimes, people have to travel with their childroon. But nobody should fly if they can't do it withoot making "tsk tsk" sounds.

We're glad to be at Vancoovoo Airpoo--it's very civiloozed. Jim's having a Starbucks' latte with soy milk, while Papito and I connooctoo to the internoo.

We're really looking forward to seeing Jenn, Leone, Spike the Cat, Chuck the Cat and all the Bears that have alreadoo migratoo to Canadia. Alsoo, Leone said some of the Bears that were livoo at her paroonts' house are now there. So it will be a real Bearapalooza!

*much bouncing up and down of Papito and Noel "Snowflake" Chompksy*

Papito says, "Hola!"

OK Bye
Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky