Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Bears Unitoo Can Never Be Defeatoo!

Bears Take to the Streets
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Flesh-n-blood Bears across Canadia took to the steets... uh... well... the country roads to protest against Bears Baitoo. As you can see, when the Bears turn out in force, there are no cowardly hunters to be seen. Run awoo, cowardly hunters, run awoo! The Bears know where you live!

Good job, Our Bears Broo in Arms!

OK Solidaridoo

PS Bear hugs to Cali for the great photoo!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Bear Award for Heroism

I was reading the New York Times this morning while eating my cinnamon-caaaandy bagel and I came acroo a hero. So we Bears created the Bear Award for Heroism so we would have something to reward him with.

The story is here: F.D.A. Considers Implant Device for Depression

Basically, a company has created an implant for servere depressioo (which has not responded to other treatments) that goes in your chest like a pacemaker, and then has wires leading into your neck, where they apply a charge to a nerve leading to the brain. There has only been one controlled experimoo of the device for use with depressioo, a double-blind experimoo in which all the participants had the device installed, but only half had it turned on, and they left the device off in the other half. The study found that the device only worked a small percentage of time (17 out of 111 of those with it turned on showed significant improvement), and worked no better in patients with the device turned on than in patients with the device turned off. Nonetheless, the FDA will quite likely move to approve the device.

Our Bear hero is Dr. Michael Thase. Despite the fact he was consulting for the company that makes the product, he still said there was "simply not a good enough basis in evidence" to approve the device. For standing by his principles, and the principles of honest scientific research instead of saying what the group doing the funding wanted him to say, we present Dr. Michael Thase with the first Bear Award for Heroism.

OK Bye
Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky

Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Jenn

*much celebratory bouncing up and down of Bears*

Many Bear hugs from all of the Bears!


We like to listen to Jenn and Jim's conversatioo, as we learn many things aboo yumoo behavioo.

We recently heard something we didn't understand, and we were hoping you could help 'splain.

Jenn: Oh, Sweetie, you created a bit of a mess since my last visit.

Jim: To be fair, most of the mess currently in the apartment started in February when you were here.

*Jenn holds head as if in pain*

Jim's logic seems impeccaboo to us, but it seemed to make Jenn feel worse, not better. Please 'splain.

OK Bye