Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bears on Babies, Installmoo 7: Boy Parts

Stompy: Jenn got an ultrasoo today. She and Jim got to see Baby. And they found out that he has a brain, and is a boy.

Daphne Rose: That's not the part that makes it a boy.

Stompy: Yup, yup, a big old brain.

Daphne Rose: *sigh* Like our family was short on the boy perspective...

*curtain closes*

*Daphne Rose steps out*

The above was a presentation of Bears Theater. All of us Bears are thrilled to welcome Jenn and Jim's son to the family. We all just want a healthy Baby, with all of his parts in good working order.

And even some of the boy Bears realize that girl parts also include brains.

*much giggling of Bears from behind curtain*