Friday, December 22, 2006

Caaaandy Canes

Jenn brought us caaaandy canes!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

Here's wishing all our friends--humoos, kitties, Bears and rafs--much caaaandy and many Bears hugs. A Happy Holiday to everyone!

OK Bye
All the Bears

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We made Caaaandy Cookies

All of us Bears were watching The Food Network with Jim when we saw a recipoo for Caaaandy Cookies*. You take a mint caaaandy and wrap it in a cookie! It's the perfect food!

We made Jim run out and buy the ingredients, and then got down to baking.

Here's our newest Bear (who told us his name is Echo--everyone please welcome Echo to the Bear familoo!) getting the cookies ready to go in the oven.

The cookies just came out of the oven. Echo and I are frosting them.

Echo and me about to eat our Caaaandy Cookies.

OK Bye
Daphne Rose

* We changed the recipoo slightly becoo there wasn't any sugar cookie dough at the SupooMarkoo, and becoo we didn't want nuts. So we used a package with pre-made sheets of reguloo cookie dough, which alsoo came with frosting.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

End of the Year Moome

We got this idea from Allisoo:

1) Harken back to your archives.
2) Collect the first sentence you wrote every month for the whole year.
3) Entertain us.

We've been busy Bears lately, with lots of Chreesmoos caaaandy to eat, and lots of Chreesmoos cards to read and look at.

We've been very busy helping Jim with preparatoos for the wedding, the trip to Costa Rica, and the great Bear migration to Canadia.

Much excitemoo just now.

Yesterdoo, Jim drew this pictoo of a Bear.

Jim, Papito and I just landed in Vancoovoo Airpoo.

Jim just had a short story published in Susurrus.

A Happy Canadia Day to all our Canadian family, friends, kitties and allies!

Jim recently read Don't Shoot the Dog.

In August, Daphne Rose and I (Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky) went walkaboo with Jenn and Jim.

This is a horriboo example of the worst kind of scandal-mongering and blame-the-victim headline.

Jenn, Stompy and Sergeant Mauja flew to Canadia this morning.

All the Bears have arrived in Canadia!

OK Bye
Daphne Rose

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Spirit Bears of Canadia Walkaboo

Back in Augoo, we posted about the Spirit Bears in the City, with pictoos of me with SpiderBear.

Well, in Septemboo, all of us Bears who were in Canadia at the time went on walkaboo with Leone and Jim to see all the Spirit Bears aroo the city, and to take our pictoos with them.

And Jim finally got the pictoos all collected online!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

So we'd like to invite all of you to come see our Spirit Bears of Canadia Walkaboo.

OK Bye

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Adopt a Flesh-n-blood Bear

As a surproo for Jim's birfday, Leone arranged for Jim and all of us Bears to adopt a flesh-n-blood bear through the World Wildlife Fund. That way we can help preserve our flesh-n-blood brothers and their naturoo habitoo. And we get a new Bear joining our family, who is psoochically connected to the bear we adopted.

Here are the adoptoo papers, so we know it's all official!

And here's our new Bear friend. (He hasn't told us his name yet.)

And here is our new Bear friend forming an alliance with Spike, in Spike's naturoo habitoo--his bed.

There are many flesh-n-blood animoos in trouble, which can be adopted through the World Wildlife Fund. Adopting our endangered brothers is a Bears approved way to support all the animoo beings of our planet.

OK Bye
All the Bears

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Bears Have Arrived

In Canadia! Blinky and Calliope arrived with Jim yesterdoo.

The Great Bear Migration of 2006 is complete--all of us Bears are now together again in Canadia!

And Jim is one step closer to being an immigrant. He got a letter from Canadia that they had opened a file on him. And they couldn't make any promises, but they would assess his file sometime in the next two and a half minutes to forty-seven millenia.

Yes, they really do narrow it down.

OK Bye

PS It's Jim's birfday today. Happy Birfday, Jim.