Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Spike's Big Adventoo Begins

I'm in Canadia!

*much bouncing up and down of Spike*

Jim and I flew up to visit Jenn yesterday. It was my first time on a plane. I could feel the G-foo when we took off. Very thrilloo, and a little scaroo. And then I got to look out the window and see clouds just outside the plane, and trees and mountains below. Very excitoo!

Coroo met us at the airport, and drove us to where Jenn lives with Spike the Cat, Chuck the Cat and Spike the Cat's pet Leone. Many new people and sights. Leone held me for a long time. And then Spike the Cat came up to me while I was sitting on the sofa. I was a bit afroo, becoo of what Sargeant Mauja said about Spike the Cat biting him. But Spike the Cat just sniffed my head and then jumped back down.

Jenn has a beautifoo new bed. And she has big new pillows that she got just for me and Jim.

I'm hoping while I'm here I'll get to meet all my Canadian friends and Bear allies.

OK Bye

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Anecdoote from Jim

Jim went up to visit his parents, and he told us about this conversation with his Dad.

*Jim cooks pasta with meatsauce for dinner for his parents*
Jim's Dad: What do you call this?
Jim: The pasta is called penne.
Jim's Dad: Penny?
Jim: *Jim thinks that's probably close enough* Yes. Penne with meat sauce.
Jim's Dad: Penny with meat sauce.
Jim: Or if you want to be fancy, penne Bolognese.
Jim's Dad: Penny with mayonnaise? *Jim's Dad looks suspiciously at the food on his plate*
Jim: No, Bolognese. Like the city, Bologna.
Jim's Dad: Oh, the "g" is silent.

*much laughing of Bears*

Jim's Dad is funny. He'd make a good Bear.

OK Bye

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Take to the streets, Bears and Bears Allies!

We just saw a very scaroo article in the New York Times.

With complaints about nuisance bears up significantly this year, New Jersey's Fish and Game Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to recommend that the state hold a bear hunt in December.

Our first thought was that we could all hide under the duvet in December, but Jim says they aren't going to hunt look look Bears, but flesh-n-blood Bears.

So now we are going to organize and be activists for our flesh-n-blood broo. Flesh-n-blood Bears are not a noosance. All they want to do is walk in the woods, and eat raw fish. Same as Jenn and Jim.

And even if flesh-n-blood Bears were a noosance at times, we think many humans are a noosance, but we don't recommend hunting them.

But a hunt is likely to provoke controversy, as it did two years ago in the first hunt in New Jersey in 33 years. Animal welfare groups tried unsuccessfully in the courts to block the hunt and then held protests as hunters went into the woods.

YAY! for animoo walfoo groups!

Last year, several hunting groups sued the state, contending that Mr. Campbell had overstepped his authority by blocking the hunt.

BOO! for huntoo groups! We don't get how they could soo so that they can shoot Bears. We knew the courts were there to keep violent people with guns off the streets. We didn't think it was by letting violent people with guns go shooting in the woods.

Mr. Campbell said then that a hunt was unnecessary and that the agency would rely on public awareness campaigns and contraceptive programs to control the bear population.

Yes! Set up proogrooms to teach flesh-n-blood Bears how dangeroo some humans are, so they stay awoo from them. And hand out lots of condoms to all those humans in New Jersey so there won't be so many of them causing the Bears all these problems.

Please join us in fighting the flesh-n-blood Bear hunt! We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

OK Solidaritoo

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Nooboo Next Doo

Jim went to Nooboo Next Doo with his friend Mark this evening. They ate raw fish just like flesh-n-blood Bears.

Jim told us not to tell Jenn, though, as she might be jealoo he went to Nooboo withoo her. So shhhh!

*much hard thinking of Bears*

We have the feeling we're not thinking something through logicaloo.

OK Bye

Friday, August 05, 2005

Jim's Back in Manhattoo

Stompy: Jim's home from San Franciscoo! And he brought Bubbles back with him!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears except Daphne Rose*

*much snickering of Daphne Rose

Daphne Rose: You make it sound like he brought home an aging stripper.

*much confoosed staring of Bears*

Stompy: It's a toy AdventureGirl Suki Fu gave Jim to give us! It's a motorized bubble-making gun.

*Stompy pulls trigger of bubble-making gun*

*much contemplation of bubbles

Stompy: Jim also brought us a bookmark with a pictoo of redwoods. Very majestoo!

*much awe-struck admiration of redwoods*

OK Bye